About Us

Experience the snake game like never before with us

Snake games have been one of the most popular plays all over the world. People of all age groups have an interest in it, they just love the game best .io games. There are several websites that allow to play the game, but slitheriogameplay.com is considered as the best one. Have you tried playing the snake game yet?

slitheriogameplay.com was launched in March 2016 and look at its popularity today. We have a huge fan base today from people all across the globe. We hardly knew that within months we could reach to such heights of success and appreciation. Our snake game is perfectly designed for gamers of all age groups. In fact, snake games have been an all time favorite game play for many years and this is exactly what we have taken advantage of.

What made us so popular?

The simple user interface makes the game play easier.

It is suitable for all age groups

Since the game has a simple interface, it runs smooth and seamless on any network.

The colorful interface of the game is an added advantage.

The number of members is increasing day by day

The best part about our site is that as a gamer, you get the opportunity to choose game skins on your own. This is absolutely great and beneficial aspect that will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest. The increasing numbers of members getting associated with our website are yet another evidence that we have gained popularity and admiration from the people worldwide in a very short span of time. Apart from the computer systems, we have an Android App that allows the gamers to enjoy the game even on mobile devices.