Halo Infinite Review

halo infinite review

Review of Halo Infinite Welcome Back, Master Chief The main series begins cycle 6 with Halo Infinite, which centres the campaign on one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. The Master Chief returns with a few new features, including a single-player open world and free-to-play multiplayer. What can you expect in Halo Infinite? Industries is the …

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Rainbow Six Extraction

rainbow six extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction Crossplay on Console and PC – Everything You Need to Know Rainbow Six Extraction is a game that expands on Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy universe. But, does the current version support cross-platform play and growth, allowing you to play with pals on multiple platforms? Everything you need to know about the subject is provided below. Is crossplay and …

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Guardians of the Galaxy

guardian of galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Star-blasters Lord’s likewise have four elemental modes. You can, for example, use cold to freeze adversaries and lightning to stun them. However, not every foe is weak to every element. The elemental modes can also be used to solve little puzzles in the game environment or to uncover new pathways to raw resources or treasures. By …

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