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Hi, followers. In this paper, we give you mod Mods plugin that will share the version of the SGP. game world-wide play by millions of users in a cell is a game of war. With this plugin you can create your own profile within the game the quick way you can log functional keys as a shortcut you can use.

The game play can be enjoyed anywhere, apart from computers. Yes, you can enjoy agar io at your nearest coffee shop or at the office, with the aid of the smartphones app. Just get is today to enjoy the game, anywhere, at any place. There was an early version named and that was very popular as well. Yet, the has been launched on 2016 and it accumulates more traffic. mods tempermonkey to your browser for plug-ins to install. Mods Details:

  • Auto respawn
  • Auto-save settings
  • Profiles – you can save 10 different profiles each with their own settings
  • Macros/shortcuts
  • E – Shoot mass continuously
  • R – Shoot mass 7 times
  • T – Split into 16 pieces
  • S – Stop movement
  • C – Go to center of map
  • V – Skin panel
  • B – Shop panel
  • N – XP Boost panel
  • M – Mass Boost panel
  • , – Free coins panel
  • Reload server button
  • Spectator mode – spectate on join
  • Randomize movement – move randomly every 5 sec
  • Acid mode
  • Confirm dialog on logout and closing/reloading tab

* Install Tampermonkey

Google Chrome Opera Browser Safari Browser mods

STEP 2 Mod Install



  2. Its awesome I like It

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