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Amazon Prime: One of the best science fiction series gets a new season Expanse

A new season of one of the finest science fiction programmes is now available on Amazon Prime.

The Expanse is not only one of the most popular book series, but it is also one of the greatest science fiction shows available on Amazon Prime Video these days. Why not go for the weekend if you missed the wonderful show? The sixth season has begun.


Above all, the weekend should encourage science fiction lovers to stream: While Netflix and Disney+ have no new huge successes, Amazon Prime Video is anticipating the sixth season of the acclaimed series The Expanse. The first episode aired on Friday, and the sci-fi series will air on a weekly basis.
If you’re searching for a Christmas present, consider the following: The original series of books by James Corey, on which the series is based, is well-regarded in the literary world – Volumes 1 – 6 are also available as a package if you want to impress someone (or yourself!):
Aside from the numerous excellent reviews and the commencement of the sixth season, the last book in the nine-part series is set to be released in 2022: It’s a great moment to join this fandom!

The Expanse is now available on Amazon Prime Video.


That is the premise of The Expanse.

The Expanse is set around 200 years in the future, when the solar system has been mostly colonised and space travel has advanced to the point that police investigator Josephus Miller is assigned the mission of finding a missing child.
At the same time, an ice cargo is abruptly assaulted by a Mars colony, exacerbating the political tensions between Mars, Earth, and the asteroid belt. The Expanse, which sits between between mystery and thriller, not only digs into complicated political tensions, but also investigates a strange secret that might change everything.
If you’re unfamiliar with the series, have a peek at the trailer for a first glance!