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Arduino Temperature, Humidity And Dew Point Through Hurimel HS1101 Sensor Interface

arduino temperature, humidity and dew point through hurimel hs1101 sensor interface

An awesome choice for incorporating temperature and humidity (and dew point) measurement towards the Arduino (and freeduino) is always to utilize the Hurimel HS1101 sensor.  It is offers as a little board, roughly one” x 2″ with 4 screw terminals.

The one electrical connections are these four 1 for floor, and 3 I/O pins used around the Arduino one analog and a couple of electronic.   The pin references applied in the following paragraphs are taken from a Freeduino BBB board.

The four pins around the Hurimel are THERM, PULSE, GND and V .   Aside from a connection to ground over the Arduino, three additional pins will likely be needed an analog and a couple of electronic pins.  A person digital pin is made use of to provide electrical power ( 5VDC), in this example, pin 2 is connected to the V screw terminal on the Hurimel.   Electronic pin 5 may be used to rely the pulses, linked to the heart beat screw terminal within the Hurimel.  Last but not least an analog input is needed for the temperature reading through.  Analog pin A5 within the Arduino connected to the THERM screw terminal over the Hurimel.  Be aware that a 10k resistor should even be positioned among 5V and analog pin A5 on the Arduino.

In summary, the electrical connections in this example are: 

Arduino BBB electronic pin 2  Hurimel V screw terminal
digital pin 5 Hurimel PULSE terminal.
GND pin/link Hurimel GND terminal.
Arduino BBB analog pin A5 Hurimel THERM terminal.
analog pin A5 10k resistor Arduino BBB GND 5v DC pin/connection

Within a potential short article, the Arduino source code needed to study the temperature, humidity and dew stage measurements will likely be talked about.