bmw has the advantage

BMW has the advantage


There’s a simple way for EV drivers to pay less, but it’s not available to everyone. Whether it’s a BMW, Mercedes, Mini or VW, anyone who drives a Stromer from one of these brands stands a good chance of saving on the go. It seems worse for everyone – but it’s not impossible.

Charging the electric car: VW, Mercedes and BMW pay less

Drivers of electric cars have to navigate their way through a tariff jungle. Virtually all electric car manufacturers offer multiple tariffs, as well as charging providers, gas stations, power companies, and municipal utilities. The current eMobility Excellence Report from management consultancy P3 Mobility offers guidance in this chaos. There, experts say which electric car drivers charge the least.

The best price from March 2022 is therefore available for users of the Active tariff of BMW Charging and MINI Charging. The average top-up costs per year amount to 1,139 euros. You pay a basic fee of EUR 4.99 per month. AC charging costs 33 cents and DC charging 39 cents per kWh.

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Rent an electric car and get a €6,000 bonus

Mercedes’ Me Charge tariff comes second with an annual average of 1,151 euros, third place being shared by VW Group tariffs: Volkswagen We Charge, Skoda Powerpass, Seat/Cupra Easy Charging and Elli. There, an average of 1,248 euros per year is collected.

For the calculation were three user profiles are assumed to form the average costs:

  • The “low loader” travels 15,000 km per year and uses the home wall box more often than public charging stations.
  • The “frequent loader” travels 30,000 km per year, uses public charging stations more and is fond of fast chargers.
  • The “Laternenparker” has only covered about 15,000 km, but has no wall box and relies exclusively on public charging.

The total average costs for potential users were determined from the annual costs of all profiles.

But anyone who now wants to charge their electric car via BMW and save money is faced with a problem. In the study, experts compared public charging providers, but car manufacturers usually offer their apps and associated tariffs only their own customers on. This also applies to BMW, MINI, Mercedes and almost all VW offers. The only exception is Elli. The tariff and the application can be used independently of the electric car you drive.

This charging app takes the worry out of electric car drivers

Only third place is accessible to all electromobilists. But if you want to pay less, you also have a disadvantage. Because the prices of BMW and Co. are not available everywhere. Anyone who cares less about money but wants to find a charging station as easily as possible should do so set to Shell Recharge. According to P3, most of the 262,000 charging stations in Europe are available via the tariff (source: eMobility Excellence Report).

Why you should rely on the electric car today:

In the survey were only public and chargeable charging stations stored, which can be accessed through an authentication app or medium, such as an RFID chip, according to the report. Since charging station operators may also change, there may also be different information than that provided by the providers themselves.