slither io skins install guide
slither io skins install guide

How can you get slither io skins

Since slither io is a brand new game that has recently been released there are no working extensions available at the moment, but you can chose between a variety of mods and slither io skins. You can select from a variety of skins that are available in the different websites to make your snake look good and unique.

How can you get slither io skins

It is very easy to get slither io skins. To get a set of skins in the game, you need to log into the desktop version of the game. You would find options of sharing in social media in the lower righthand corner of the screen. After you share, you would find a number of skins that you can choose from. Click on the skin that you want to use, and get going.

Choose among different slitherio skins

You can choose either from the various skins or you can make your own customized skins with the help of the other skins. You can also unlock different kinds of skins that you like the best. There are various kinds of skins, including the secret snake skins as well as dotted skins, striped skins, checked skins, colored skins and many more.

slither io skins


Skins that have nicknames

Various skins also comprise of different nicknames. Some of the nicknames are humorous as well like copyright, smile more, What’s Up, Buffering, You can also try out various nicknames such as with question marks. You can also unlock slither io skins without sharing on Facebook and twitter. You just need to click on share on Facebook icon before clicking on Play and then immediately exit the Face book prompt after it comes up. Developers are also working on more and more new designs, and colors for slither io skins and a few skins have been added since the game has been launched.

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