slitherio game snake control
slitherio game control

How to control the snake in Slitherio game?

How to control the snake in Slitherio game? Three important steps

Want to play the Slitherio game? Want to know how you can control the snake? If yes, read today’s article. You will find tips, ideas and tricks on how to control snakes using one and two fingers. It will definitely benefit you. Go ahead and read.

How to control the snake using one finger?

To control the snake in Slitherio game using one finger, you have to tap and hold somewhere near the snake and you will to see it moving towards head towards that direction. Then drag the finger around the perimeter of the screen to control the direction of the snake. After that you can tap anywhere and the snake will turn and head there. It works better for those who use Galaxy Note.

Slitherio game

How to control using two fingers?

In order to control the snake in Slitherio game using twp fingers, you have to hold your phone in both the hands and tap it back and forth using the thumbs so that you can control the snake in the right fashion. Tap above the snake and below to move it down. The benefit of two finger control will make it quick to use. It will also help you collect more orbs that way.

Easy and simple method of the game

An easy and simple method for the Slitherio game is to boost it the same method. Just double tap and then hold it in that direction you would like to boost. Remember that boosting will spend the orb energy and will make the snake short. If you follow all the tips and ideas enlisted in the post, you will surely be able to handle the slitherio game easily. So make a note of the points and follow them.

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