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Battlefield and Call of Duty have been steadily deteriorating for years, at least in my opinion. There are more and more problems, more and more frustration, and less and less fun as time goes on. Fortunately, there’s a free shooter on Steam that’s kept me hooked for over 8 years and is the ideal substitute for me.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive instead of Call of Duty and Battlefield:

Global Offensive: Less irritation, more enjoyment
Call of Duty and Battlefield have both messed with me in recent years, with missing weapon balance, loads of problems, and hackers. I’ve given both rows a chance several times, and each time I’ve been disappointed. Since Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops, I’ve found that the game’s appeal has waned.


Although still jump once week with few friends via Rebirth Island in CoD: Warzone (for the column), Warzone is no longer what it used to be for me since switching to Caldera.


However, now only enjoy shooters in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is one of Steam’s all-time favourites. 
I’ve been going to Dust on regular basis since the end of 2013, getting lost in Office or forgetting what the hell the setup for the smoke grenade in Mirage looks like, with which cut off the enemies’ view from the CT spawn.
I’ll admit it: I’m not exactly an expert at Counter Strike – despite the fact that I’ve played for over 550 hours. And despite the fact that I’m in the bottom third of the standings, I’m still having a blast with CS:GO!
Why? Simply put, I’m always under the impression that I’m to blame for my own failures. My opponent didn’t kill me because they exploited the game, the game didn’t acknowledge my hits, or they hid between two textures and were virtually undetectable. He was simply superior to me, or at the very least better prepared.
Competitive, fair – and completely free

Counter Strike

Global Offensive is unlikely to be suitable substitute for every CoD and Battlefield lover, not least because it is only available on PC. 
It’s difficult to get started because many of the mechanics are different from the competition, you’ll almost certainly meet toxic team members if you play alone, and the graphics aren’t exactly one of the shooter classic’s strongest points.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, on the other hand, can score in variety of ways:
Since the end of 2018, CS:GO has been available for free. 
However, for 12.75 euros, you can purchase the “Prime Status Upgrade,” which provides some matchmaking benefits as well as additional incentives.
Number of players: Hundreds of thousands of gamers can be found on the servers at any given time (source: Steam Charts). 
As result, finding proper match is never problem.
Update policy that is reasonable: 
If bug in the game is discovered by the community, the developers normally provide hotfix update within few days.
Own servers modding: If you don’t feel like playing the conventional Counter-Strike game variants, dedicated community servers are also available. 
These are compatible with wide range of mods and also provide the possibility of customising them.

These are compatible with wide range of mods and have the option of boosting the update rate to 128 ticks per second, which improve
While in other shooters, everyone seems to play for himself, in Counter-Strike, almost nothing works without communication. 
That’s why it’s much more satisfying when strategy is implemented correctly.
Every gamer has CS on it: 
CS:GO has never been graphics-heavy game, but that does have its benefits. 
Because the game generally runs at reasonable frame rates even on PCs that are getting little old or don’t offer much performance by default.
There is no levelling up or unlocking: from the start, every player has access to all weapons and equipment in the game. 
As result, you never feel as if you’re at disadvantage because you haven’t yet unlocked any attachments for that weapon. So here’s my recommendation: If you’re on the PC and CoD and Battlefield aren’t cutting it anymore, and you’re willing to put up with little irritation, you should certainly give Counter-Strike: 
Global Offensive shot.