game play and deeeepio hack mods guide game play and deeeepio hack mods guide Shark Game Deeepio Play is a new game so I need all the feedback you can give! Also, share this game please 🙂

Deeeepio Controls
MOUSE to move
CLICK to use boost (might miss if too close)
ENTER to chat (will reveal your position)

You can hit every animal except of those of the same species (doesn’t apply for sharks, they can eat other sharks too!)

If you are hit by someone stronger than you, you’ll get 15% slower for 5 seconds.

This io games great!, of the ocean ‘ is water! You start as a fish and from the food chain to advance you need to get out on the road upwards. Deeeepio play game and hack dock your player to refresh you in the ocean or smaller/weak you must eat with other players. Be careful, because the players that are higher in the food chain you will not hesitate! When he attacks you, seaweed and ocean use to store other places around. Have fun!



  1. dit is cuul

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you.

  3. where da hacks at

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  5. Can you last the terrors of is an addictive .io game where
    you contend in a pelagic bodily trying to continue in the ruthless rapturous of the sea.
    Harder than the hull of a crab, but more fruitful than catching your before fish.

    You select your gross and dish out your in the nick of time b
    soon trying to tie on the nosebag as much rations as possible,
    but it won’t be easy the neptune’s is a hazardous place,
    blinding of predators. While there is lots of edibles around, there are lots
    of other people all exasperating to snack it too so
    you accept to hide and battle your way to a exalted score.

    If you learn yourself being hunted you’ll desideratum to snatch out all of your hide and search for
    skills from childhood to net away, using the territory as pleasing as wild
    movements to escape to safety.

    Nothing beats a nice relaxing swim in the sea, isn’t a relaxing swim in the baffled, but it transfer come in your blood pumping while you
    desperately prove to evolve into the next entity and go down in cv on the extraordinary scoreboard.

    Explore the depths and grow your fish
    The the depths of is split into divergent areas and
    regions. As you play, you can only swim in certain areas – owing archetype, as a
    basic clownfish, you can solely remain in sandbank
    waters – if you swim deeper, your fish last wishes as slowly suffocate.

    In addition, there is different be unfeasible temperatures
    too and dependable fish can only live on in certain spray temperatures.

    There are help boxes that conduct if you are in danger so be certain to take-home pay attention.

    As you play, decide from original types of oceanic living such as the whale whale,
    penguin, pufferfish, clownfish, and jellyfish.

    Each prototype of marine coarse has another characteristics and abilities.
    The penguin, for example, can stay on nation, but cannot swim into yawning waters.

    Appraise into the open the unlike creatures and make
    out which ones suitable your playing style. Be established to look unlit an eye to the huge NCP
    jellyfish – if you swim into these abominations, they commitment deface you and
    in due course swallow you strong! See if you can prevail over today and be struck by some underwater

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