different prices are now displayed in the webshop

Different prices are now displayed in the amazon


At Amazon, it has actually always been the case that discounts for campaigns are displayed based on the recommended retail price. That has now changed. For many deals, the latest lowest price is displayed, which visibly reduces the savings, but you can see much more clearly how much money you’re actually saving.



Amazon shows real price savings



Especially on action days like Black Friday or morning First day from Amazon, price comparisons are really important for knowing when you’re really getting a bargain. But you can also get lost in Amazon’s daily specials quickly dazzled by the heavy discounts, not at all realistic. Until now, Amazon has always displayed the discount on the recommended retail price, although the price has dropped significantly in the meantime. It’s over now – a SmartDroid discovered.

If you now look at the articles on sale, the discount is often no longer displayed compared to the recommended retail price, but the real discount at the lowest price so far. It then looks like this:

Amazon now displays discounts for promotions relative to the last lowest price and no longer relative to the recommended retail price. 

Of course, that means the discounts are suddenly much smaller than what you’re used to from Amazon. While Amazon has often advertised discounts of up to 70% which have never really been true, Amazon is finally showing the real savings. This is of course a big change for you, because you can see how much money you’re actually saving and you don’t have to try a price comparison – although of course it’s worth it.

Why Amazon Prime is worth it for you:

What else you should watch out for on Amazon

Not all discounts are displayed yet according to the new display. So you have to look very carefully to see if the comparison price shows “lowest” or RRP. But this is now very easy to recognize and creates much more transparency.