Download The Intifadal1453 Mode For

Download The Intifadal1453 Mode For

It is a developed mode to play the game easier and more simple.This mode contains features like playing with friends ,mode hack,map hack and troubleshooting.


Mode Features

-Viewing with the mouse the map from far away with a wide angle to see the full map and snake.

-To view the coordinates from the location we are.

-To view the FPS flows

-To view the IP address of the server to play with your friends.

-Lag and troubleshooting on the screen are decreased

-Playing with friends and connecting to the server directly

-Saving the game record and the username

Choosing a moderator in the opening menu

-Updating the last errors

How to do it?

First of all we need the TamperMonkey Chrome attachment to work this mode.

Installing the tampermonkey attachment


After that,enter the intifada1453 mode link on the browser and copy all the codes.Come to the tampermonkey attachment and write ‘Add a new script’ .Delete the codes and paste the other ones and click on save.The mode is activated.

Intifada1453 mode codes

If you want to remove the codes ,click on the tampermonkey icon on the upper right section of the chrome and click on the ‘ Add a new script ‘ section.Deactivate or delete the Slitio mode from the “installed userscripts”.

As it is seen,it is possible to make some simple tricks in tricks are being prepared and created for the gamers.



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