ford avoids sales ban in germany

Ford avoids sales ban in Germany

Ford fans in Germany can breathe easy. The car manufacturer has lifted the ban on sales already imposed. This not only gives customers more security, but also prevents Fords that have already been built from ending up in the scrap press.


Update June 4, 2022: In the legal dispute over cell phone chips illegally used by Ford, the automaker backed down. The Munich District Court had previously issued a nationwide sales ban, which had not yet entered into force (more on this below in the article). Ford has now prevented this and patent administrator Avanci acquired the necessary patent licenses (Source: heise online). LTE chips installed in several Ford models can thus continue to be used. New customers and Ford drivers no longer have to worry about the future of their car.

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Ford ban: German buyers face a void

It’s a real cannon shot that the Munich Ford District Court bangs in front of the bow: The The manufacturer must stop selling its cars in Germany. New wagons are also no longer allowed to be built. Models that are already at retailers may even need to be collected and destroyed. All because the cars have mobile chips that Ford is not allowed to use.

Eight international patent holders have filed a lawsuit in Munich, and Japanese patent exploiter IP Bridge has now won the case. The re approach : Ford uses LTE chips in its cars, but doesn’t have a license for it and therefore do not pay any license fees to the rights holders. Appropriate chips must now be found in all new cars in order to be able to make emergency calls via e-call. But they can also be used for navigation and infotainment systems.

The American automaker still has a few ways to get out of trouble. The verdict is not yet final, Ford could appeal. Moreover, it will only be executed when IP Bridge files a security deposit of 227 million euros with the court (source: Wirtschaftswoche). So far, Ford has been unwilling to comment further on the verdict, instead waiting for the written copy.

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There have already been processes like the Munich one. In 2020 there were already correspondents Allegations against Daimler, in Munich, a lawsuit has also been filed against VW. The Wolfsburgs saved themselves from the impending halt in sales by acquiring the appropriate licenses.

What already pleads in favor of the transition to an electric car:

Ford: Do tens of thousands of cars have to be destroyed?

If Ford blocks, the manufacturer is not only threatened with a halt in sales and production Millions of sales fall through the cracks would have. In addition, vehicles already built may have to be scrapped. In the worst case, completely, but at least the affected mobile communication components should be removed and destroyed.

What will become of it is currently still open. The interest to buy should definitely be there and therefore the decision hit customers hard.