slither game
slither game

How to get big in the Slither game?

If you really want to get big in the Slither game, you have to know a few secrets and guess what? That is exactly what we are going to unveil in today’s article. Today we are going to talk about the Slither game and what it takes to reach the top of the game. Read to find out.

Having a change in your perspective

If you really want to get big in the Slither game, you have to change your perspective. When you are just starting your journey, you will notice that a small portion of the giant snake that is passing by. When you become the giant snake, you will have the god like power to see more of the arena than other small snakes. This is quite good for setting up more ambushes and enveloping other snakes. But you will also find that the game will begin to lag if there are many snakes on the screen.


A pro tip to reach excellence

So depending on your place in the map, it could be a good idea to try and head for an open, preferably in that area that is not all that populated. Now one will have no ways of knowing where all the areas are hidden but the edge of such areas can be considered as a safe bet. It could be considered as a good place to have fun, regroup and hang out when you are picking the occasional straggler. That is how you become a pro at the

Slither game


Once you reach survival mode, what happens?

Once you have reached a top spot in the Slither game, maybe in the top ten, you will be on survival mode. You really don’t have to play all that aggressively and you should use the boost for defensive and better situations when you are sure of how you can trap someone the safe and easy way.

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