The madness of the

The madness of the

The new madness after the game is enjoyable time can be spend by playing the which is a different version of the old snake is nowadays the favourite game.Come on and play the and let your snake grow in the game.This game can also be played on mobile.


Actually a game which is like the old snake game.This game provides a more comfortably movement than the snake game.The snake grows up while eating the furages on the platform.In the game which is similar to the snake game on the mobile phones is it possible to move like in the game.The game’s purpose that is similar to is to swallow the little furages so that the player can grow up and stay away from the bigger players but the most important difference between this two games is that has the snake symbol and the has a bubble shape.

madness-slither (3)

The opponents are the most important thing to take care of in this game.If you come across a bigger snake you have to run away from that space.The furages which are ready for you to eat in the game increases the height.While eating the furages your height and points you earned are going to be increased.The snake has to move on without crashing to the other players.

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