How to download slitherio

Slitherio download


Download the slitherio game and play against your opposing party and defeat them with the help of few skills and tactics. The slitherio download game is a great game that can be played by players of all generations.


What is slitherio game?


Play against your players and become the best player by becoming the longest snake. If your snake touches the snake of other players, your snake would explode. Slitherio download is really easy and it can be downloaded in your PC as well as desktop. Slitherio is safe to download and at the same time it has a very user friendly interface that is easy to play. Slitherio is a free multiplayer game where you would need to take control of a small snake and slowly eat the other snakes so that you can grow into a big snake. The more snakes you eat, the more you will grow in size. Your aim is to grow in size without colliding into all the other snakes.


The slitherio graphics


The slitherio downloads are pretty basic, however the game uses a lot of your internet bandwidth and the CPU power so you would need  a good computer in order to play the game. The graphic options can also be lowered if you have a less powerful computer that can play in. Though the slitherio graphics are not as good as expected to be, there are a number of players who like the easy and user friendly graphics with a background theme and some snakes slithering on the board.

The two versions of the slitherio game


There are two versions of the slitherio game. The one that you get will be linked to your computer and your device. In case you have a very powerful machine, you can play the version where the snakes will grow in size- both longer as well as fat. If you have a less powerful machine, you can see fewer players in the game  and the snakes will become larger, but not fatter. Making the snakes fatter is the way the developer helps to level the game. The longer and fatter snakes kill other snakes more easily, however the fatter heads make navigation a little difficult if you are trying to move away from the other snakes.

The slitherio game

The slitherio download  game is really simple and addictive, and it is different than all the other games and it depends on all the other people and their snakes as well. The game is a really colorful with a very simple format and the mechanics of the game make playing the game really easily. How you win the game depends on the way you play.

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