how to play game simple guide image
how to play game simple guide image

How to play game

An insight on How to play game

Slither io is one of the most addictive games that are played by a million players. If you would like to know how to play game read this article for more tips and strategies on playing the slither io game.

Playing the slither io game

Do you remember a game called agar io where you had to eat up smaller cells to grow in size? The slither io game is a new game that very much resembles agar io where you are a snake who would have to eat up all smaller glowing snakes to increase in size. There are various strategies and tips on how to play game. You can play the game on your own if you have the skill, concentration and intelligence, while you can also take the help of cheat codes to play the game without harming yourself.

Using the chat codes

In order to grow in size without being eaten up, you need to stay away from all other snakes. This is the first rule on how to play game. You can also search for particles that other snakes have left behind so that you can eat them up and grow in size. However, when you are growing larger in size, ensure that you are not too near other snakes or the edge of the board. You can also boost your snakes speed with the help of cheat code or also zoom in and zoom out so that you are not visible by the others.

How to play game


The slither io controls

Last but not the least be sure of the controls. Always ensure that you are handling the mouse well and driving your snake towards the right direction towards the cursor. It is important to have a good hold of the mouse in order to win the game. These are the different strategies on how to play slither io game without being defeated.

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