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Hyper Scape down soon

Hyper Scape Players Bad News !

After only two years, Ubisoft’s Warzone competitor bids goodbye. Hyper Scape aficionados knew the day would come sooner or later. Apparently sooner, because the Battle Royale shooter will be phased out in a few months, according to Ubisoft.

Hyper Scape will be taken down soon.

It was Ubisoft’s response to the battle royale shooters developed by other major gaming studios. However, while games like Call of Duty: Warzone continue to provide new material to a significant number of gamers, Hyper Scape fizzled out soon after its release. The free-to-play game’s last update was in April 2021, and it hasn’t been updated since.
Ubisoft is now making quick work of it, announcing in a blog post that the servers would be shut down on April 28.
“We have made the painful choice to stop work on Hyper Scape and retire the game as of April 28th,” it states. We set out to make a vertical, fast-paced melee shooter, and we’re grateful to our community for supporting us along the way. We’ll apply what we’ve learned from this game to future offerings.”

In another paragraph, the developer expresses gratitude to all players for their enthusiasm and dedication. (Image courtesy of Ubisoft)

Fans of the shooter will be disappointed to learn that this is simply a minor consolation. After announcing the cessation of multiplayer support for Watch Dogs: Legion — less than a year and a half after its release – Ubisoft is already cancelling the next game.

hyper scape

There are no players and no spectators.

Ubisoft put a lot of effort into Hyper Scape.Ubisoft put a lot of emphasis on vertical gameplay and a unique twitch component in Hyper Scape. Because spectators can have a big say in how matches are played by voting on changes to the game world, like adjusting gravity or revealing foes on the minimap.