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Insatia is not’s new game

Insatia is not’s new game, but it’s a new snake, worm game with similar features. We played Insatia for you. was able to become the most popular .io game in recent times. Everyone knows today. There are rumors that game is a new game, but this is wrong. There is a nice game called Insatia, but it is not connected to
Insatia, which has a graphically successful structure, looks like at first sight, but there are a few features that are completely different from the game. After playing for a while you will see that it is different with It’s a different worm.


Let’s try Insatia game

As you know the game consists of snake eating and escape purposes. In some languages, it is defined as a worm instead of a snake. Insatia is more internal and graphically more successful than existing .io games. At the beginning of the game you are born in an egg. The game’s graphics are successful. You can not kill the snake’s tail by eating it. Locations show blood. The game, which was a carnivorous worm battle as it was in the slogan of the game, became popular in recent days.

It is difficult to kill with a single bite. It will not die when you eat your tail. The is shorten. You will kill the worm from behind your head.

There are a few minor complaints about the game, but it seems the players have enjoyed it. By eliminating other worms in the game, you can develop strategies for how to entertain and survive.

If you like‘s style of play, you can try the new game Insatia for a more brutal and visually successful game.


Insatia Cheats and modes

With the up arrow key you can make a sharp turn. The down arrow key provides bouncing. You can keep the bounce as long as you want.
If the gender of the worm is suitable for reprogramming, you can ovulate by pressing all the arrow keys.

You can download the 3rd and latest version of game from the link below.
File size, 104 mb

Insatia Download Link,

Technical Requirement
Windows 7
Directx 11.0
HDD 150 Mb
Ram 512 Mb


  1. cool but is so scary

  2. why is worm eat de friends?

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