it cant go on like this

It can’t go on like this

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Telegram founder Pavel Durov spoke in no uncertain terms about Apple’s handling of web apps. According to him, it is “sad” that Apple is putting obstacles in the way of its developers. Now he hopes for political support.

Because of Safari: the founder of Telegram criticizes Apple

Pavel Durov attacked Apple on his public Telegram channel. He suspects that Apple Web apps “intentionally crippled” in the iOS variant of Safarito earn more money. The Telegram founder assumes that Apple’s tactic is to deliberately hijack users from web apps. Instead, you should download apps instead – something Apple takes advantage of.

Specifically, Durov, of course, is talking about them Web variant of its Telegram messenger. Not only would this provide “a great experience” on desktop computers, but it would also work great on mobile devices. However, Apple would limit what web developers can do. You would be prevented from achieving the quality of a native app on iOS.

In April, the chief developer of Telegram Web shared a 10-point list of problems with Apple’s Safari mobile browser, which Durov believes the company has fixed. “didn’t want to fix or improve in years”. Other developers have also complained that Safari is “killing the web” (Source: Pavel Durov at Telegram).

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Telegram founder hopes to get into politics

Durov is not alone in criticizing Apple’s Safari browser. The British competition authority Competition and Markets Authority announced a few days ago the behavior of Apple in this area look more closely want to.

The founder of Telegram hopes that soon regulatory measures taken will be. It’s “sad” that Apple developers of all things are getting in the way, where he says the group “once revolutionized the mobile web.”