games is a mass multiplayer online .io game games is a mass multiplayer online .io game – The Best Online io Game

Everyone is aware of what an .io game are these days. is in great vogue nowadays and they are becoming as addictive as agario and is already a smash hit that has taken people by storm all over the world.

What is the game all about? game is one of the most original games on the Android and the iOS. It is generally similar to slither io but there are differences though. game play, players must take out other players to gain their mass. Your aim is to get other players to run into the trail left by you by speeding ahead in Your body would not get longer, but it would definitely get wider and larger. You would need to use strategy in order to kill the other players and it is definitely more complex than The game is really flexible and at the same time good to play. This is the best among all

The settings of the game

The game comprises of three graphical alternatives along with three kinds of themes, multiple skins, regional options, and the aptitude to decide your game mode and server. It is a fast game and the various kinds of themes go a long way toward keeping the game’s visuals interesting. play in its current state is really interesting and if you are looking for a new .io game, then this is the best in the io games list that you can choose from.

The limax io game can be played for free on PC as well as your android phone all around the world. It can currently be played via the original website or on the Android devices. It would soon be released in the iOS versions by next year however for now iOS users would have to play it on their PC.

Features of the game

  • io games is a mass multiplayer online .io game
  • Control your limax and trap your opponents all around the world. Eat bonus and defeat as many as possible to increase your score. Do not die and make the best score of the day so that you can win the game.
  • The game can be played on different modes.
  • Mass Mode- Eat the bonus and try to be the biggest of all limax.
  • Kill mode- Kill all your opponents by setting good traps. The best killer will see his score on the highest score of the day
  • It is difficult to survive on the games and you need to be very strategic on the same
  • You have an option to choose your skin and choose controls as well in all. games is a mass multiplayer online .io game games is a mass multiplayer online .io game

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