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Minecraft Optifine Install

Minecraft Optifine Install

The brick game Minecraft from the Swedish development studio Mojang is particularly popular with gamers for its wide range of options. In this way, entire monuments are created from pixel blocks in painstakingly small-scale work when a group of crafters get to work. With the Mod Minecraft OptiFine, the game is optimized in many places and also cuts a significantly better figure graphically.

Minecraft Optifine Download

The features of Minecraft OptiFine The Minecraft OptiFine Mod promises higher frame rates in the game as well as some setting options in the graphics area. In addition, it is particularly popular with gamers with older computers, as OptiFine enables HD textures to work. The most important features at a glance:

  • Stabilization of the frame rate
  • Loading texture packs during the game
  • Setting options for animations
  • Graphic improvement of various elements
  • Zoom with the Ctrl key Support of multi-core processors to increase performance
  • Support of HD textures (32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512) even on weak computers.

minecraft optifine how to installMinecraft optifine how to install

The installation of Minecraft OptiFine

If Minecraft has been brought up to date, the mod can either be added via the Magic Launcher or manually installed as follows:minecraft optifine download

Go to the directory minecraft versions Changes the name from “x.x.x” (stands for the current version number) to “x.x.x_OptiFine” In the folder that has just been renamed, changes the “x.x.x.jar” to “x.x.x_OptiFine.jar” Do the same with “x.x.x.json” in “x.x.x_OptiFine.json” Open the .json file with a text editor and change the id “x.x.x” to “x.x.x_OptiFine” and save Deletes the Meta Inf folder Copies the downloaded .zip file from Minecraft OptiFine to “x.x.x_OptiFine.jar” Starts the official launcher Click on “Edit Profile” or “Edit Profile” Selects the adapted “x.x.x_OptiFine” as the version and saves