Mopeio Animals

Mopeio Animals

Mopeio animals play a vital role in the games

If you aware of the game, you will find that the animals are the primary characters. They play vital roles. The levels or the stages of the game are based on the different animals. They need to eat food and drink enough water.
Mopeio animals game is worldwide famous and popular among the players. It is a type of online game in which animals are the main characters of the game. The best part about the game is that the players are able to see many animals and also upgrade them to proceed in the game. The game is popular among young children as well as kids and also adults love to play the game on their computer and smart devices.

Land Animals as well as Water Animals has different time zone and ability

In the game, players can play with land as well as water animals, which make this game, more famous and awesome. The game also has berry bushes, holes and water spots that you can collect water, berries and also use to hide the animals. All players have to start the game with a small mouse or a shrimp and must keep them eating food to become bigger and upgrade predators or evolve into other and stronger animals. The final and last evolution of animals is Black Dragon and it is the strongest as well as a powerful animal of the game.

Mopeio Animals List of the land creatures in the game
• Mouse
• Rabbit
• Pig
• Deer
• Mole
• Fox
• Zebra
• Lion
• Bear
• Cheetah
• Crocodile
• Hippo
• Rhino
• Dragon
• Black Dragon
The list of the Water Animals of the game
• Shrimp
• Trout
• Squid
• Crab
• Jellyfish
• Sea Horse
• Turtle
• Sea Ray
• Shark Deeepio animals need to eat food and also water in the game

The game, animals need to eat foods to evolve into stronger and more powerful animals. All animals can eat mushrooms, but red mushrooms are only edible by deer. The animal foods such as berries, plankton, mushrooms that can be red or green, lily pads and more. Higher or stronger animals also can eat the lower evolution animals like a lion can eat a mouse. Hence, you have to make sure that a stronger animal does not eat you while you are hunting your lower preys.

Drinking an adequate amount of water is vital to survive in the game

Water is very important for animals to live. If animals don’t drink enough water, they will become dehydrated and slowly die in the game. When Mopeio animals become dehydrated in the game due to lack of drinking water then they explode into mushrooms and red mushrooms. In the game, players can easily find the water by entering a lake or mud and the indication of water always shown in the game.

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