A New Game By Producers Of Agar.Io:Slither.Io

A New Game By Producers Of Agar.Io:Slither.Io

A new web based game Slither.io has appeared.The web based game Agar.io had a big attention than expected in the recent months.In time, there were appeared new and different versions of the game for the gamers where the system is always the same.The first impression of the game seems that it is easy but its actually not that easy while playing it.The latest version of the game is called Slither.io.As we said ,the system is the same as in the Agar.io.But the big one cant swallow the small one everytime in this game.


As you know,you could eat everytime the smaller one and the players were eliminated against a bigger opponent.In the new game is the situation a bit different.The size in this game isnt important as in the older versions.Its a different version of the classic snake game.The new game Slither.io is developed in this way.The opponents are destroyed by crashing to the other snakes.


The snake explodes after the crash and the furages remain on the playing ground.The interface of the background is a bit dark but it will increase in time by playing the game.The purpose is the same like in Agar.io to grow up and being in the top list.The game is designed by the inspiration of the legendary snake game.Now it is available as the Slither.io for the gamers.The game can be played on the web ,IOS and Android.

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