A new game Slither.io

A new game Slither.io

Thorntree Studios ,the producer of the Agar.io game that addicted the gamers who wanted to conquer the world with a little bubble presents its new game Slither.io.The game has been published on 25 th of March 2016 and became in the USA the most installed application both in general and game categories.The game succeeded to be the 3rd most downloaded game in Turkey.So, how is the


Slither.io played where the snakes replace the bubbles?

First of all,the game can be played on the web ,IOS and Andriod.The game starts by choosing an username and is actually similar to the classic snake game on the mobile phones.The purpose on the game is to grow the snake like in the Agar.io game to enter the ‘Top 10 list’.You can follow the general ranking position from the ‘Leaderboard’ section that is on the right upper corner on the screen.


The little snake can eat the bigger one

To do that,you have to cover the spaces ,explode and eat the scraps.Of course while doing this you have to slither like a snake as the game is called.The rules are easy but to grow the snake is a bit difficult.Anyway,the game addicts the gamers with its easy and also hard structure.You dont have to get scared of a bigger snake because if you come across that snake its possible to block its way and win.

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