A new game that will create dependency like Agar.io

A new game that will create dependency like Agar.io

The classic snake game Slither.io which is presented by the Agar.io game developers is published both for mobile and web platforms. Play against other people online! In Slither.io you want to be the longest, biggest snake in the game and the goal is to survive as long as is snakely possible. If you hit another snake you will die.


The game as a process is similar to Agar.io but there are also some important differences.For example,if you would touch a smaller object you could swallow it while crashing to a bigger object could finish the game.Slither.io ensures equality in this case.Being bigger or smaller isnt that much important in this game.Whatever the height of the player is,blocking the ways of the opponents to provide to exerminate them is possible.You can grow yourself by eating the remained furages of the other snakes which are exploded.The purpose is the same like in the Agar.io game to write your name in the top 10 in the world.If we just say that the game was inspired only by Agar.io we would be shameful for the legendary snake game of Nokia,right? The snake game of Nokia has also a big role for the development of Slither.io like Agar.io.The Slither.io game is available on the web browser ,Android and IOS platforms.


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