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New slitherio skin

New Skin is a game very similar to the game, which meets with gaming lovers in the past days. But instead of the round balls there, the game’s hero is a snake. This snake can be in different shapes or colors. you will have different options for this.

The online game, popularly from popular browser games, is played with pleasure by millions of people. This game is both very enjoyable and quite simple as you will be addictive. all you have to do is collect and swallow the jewels around you. it is in your hands to protect your growing wealth. You can also kill other snakes by hitting you and eat them. you can grow faster and easier on this number. What you need to pay attention to is that it does not matter that you are big. Because even if you are very big you can be eaten by a little snake that has just entered the game. So be careful.

Although the game is very enjoyable after a while it may come boring. So you can try different options. For example, skin color and interface change. You can paint the skin color with the desired colors or colors. You can also wear patterns on it. For this you need to share the game you played last on Facebook and twitter. You will then be presented with several different colors and pattern selections. By choosing what you want, you can make the game more enjoyable.


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