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The New Snake Game : Slither.Io

We were playing with the oldies Nokia 3310 mobile phone the snake game.Players were scoring to become opponents with each other Oldies.


The game replaces the snake game of Nokia 3310.The purpose of the game is to swallow the colourful bubbles and to grow faster by crashing the other snakes each other to get points.Another option of the game is if the player clicks twice on the mause the snake gets faster .The only bad thing in this game is by going too fast is the height getting lost a bit because the little bubbles will remain at the backside as the snakes continues to move.A little hint, the snake that will come across you will pass near you to touch with its head your snake so that the player is eliminated of the game.Gamers have to take care because it can become annoying.


To grow fast in

The players who want to grow up in the game can choose three methods.The first one among them is to slither very fast infront of the big opponents to force then to crash into you to collect the points.The second one is to block the circle around the smaller opponents to provide them to crash.The third one is to move near the bigger opponents and to eat furages which are remained from the other players to collect points.Collect the points while your opponents are fighting each other.

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