It can’t go on like this

it cant go on like this

Telegram founder Pavel Durov spoke in no uncertain terms about Apple’s handling of web apps. According to him, it is “sad” that Apple is putting obstacles in the way of its developers. Now he hopes for political support.     Platforms:android Because of Safari: the founder of Telegram criticizes Apple Pavel Durov attacked Apple on his public Telegram channel. He …

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The first season of the best series now free on Apple

the first season of the best series now free on

  Netflix is ​​very expensive, nothing is given to you. Apple is completely different, they are currently giving you the first season of the best series of 2021 for free – no subscription required.             The best series of the last year? For Rolling Stone, it’s For All Mankind – it works on Apple TV+ …

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Vodafone outage – there are problems here today

vodafone outage there are problems here today

Vodafone Malfunction Due to conversion work and technical issues, Vodafone is still experiencing disruption today. GIGA keeps an eye out for issues and explains why a current ‘Vodafone down’ may affect you and which services are disrupted.   Vodafone offers various services and whether or not there is interference depends on various factors. Maintenance work or damage to lines can …

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You will not ose with ICE

you will lose with ice

  The 9 euro note has started. It is incomparably cheap to travel across Germany on local and regional transport. But the monthly subscription is not only ahead in terms of price. If you drive with IC or ICE, you can only dream of something standard in RE. ICE and Co. has no chance: DB regional trains are much more …

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