Deutsche Bank restricts cash issuance: customers must adapt

deutsche bank restricts cash issuance customers must adapt

Deutsche Bank wants to restrict the issuance of cash at the counter A short trip to the branch and getting money quickly: what was once possible without any problems is now associated with more and more obstacles. The latest comes from Deutsche Bank: in the future, the financial institution would like to severely limit the issuance of cash in its …

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These headphones have the best noise cancellation (ANC)

these headphones have the best noise cancellation anc

Best noise cancellation head phones What does active noise cancellation on ANC headphones actually look like? We investigated this question using a special test setup – now you can judge with your own ears how well the following noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones can block noise during air travel.   Update of 06/08/2022: Now we have our try for the second time …

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BMW has the advantage

bmw has the advantage

  There’s a simple way for EV drivers to pay less, but it’s not available to everyone. Whether it’s a BMW, Mercedes, Mini or VW, anyone who drives a Stromer from one of these brands stands a good chance of saving on the go. It seems worse for everyone – but it’s not impossible. Charging the electric car: VW, Mercedes …

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Ford avoids sales ban in Germany

ford avoids sales ban in germany

Ford fans in Germany can breathe easy. The car manufacturer has lifted the ban on sales already imposed. This not only gives customers more security, but also prevents Fords that have already been built from ending up in the scrap press.   Update June 4, 2022: In the legal dispute over cell phone chips illegally used by Ford, the automaker …

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