How To Play The New Trend

How To Play The New Trend

This article contains All the details about the new trend game

What is

Everybody knows the game try to become on the upper places by swallowing the bubbles on the open areas to grow up.There are a lot of players that find the game similar to the have to admit that.At least we can say that it has the same logic.The only difference is that it is connected with the snake game that we were used to play.

How to play

The purpose is very simple in the game actually.The player has to control the snake to collect the furages which are remained on the play ground to grow the snake and to increase the points. If the player wants to accelerate the speed of the snake while playing the game,then clicking on the left button of the mouse is just enough.Players have to take care of not to crash on the other players.That is actually the purpose of the game .
The snake moves to another place to provide to crash into the opponents while growing up.The easiest way to do that is to draw a circle around the smaller opponents and to provide to let them crash ech other.Now the question is that everybody wonders if the will get ahead of

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