How to play the addiction?

How to play the addiction? is a game where the players eat their opponents and the little symbols to grow up the snake which maintains its popularity on the internet.We checked the details about the game.

The game that came last year out and was a hit among the players changed its shape and became the different new version


What is

Actually it is a simple and basic content.We can say that the little character can eat the bigger one which is a different version than the snake game.To join the game,you have to enter the address and after that a nick name.If you wish, you can determine the snake model from the left window before starting the game. Play

The first stage is to swallow the small symbols to grow up.After advancing a bit,the players move to the middle of the map to play with the bigger ones.If the mouth of the snake crashes to another snake,the character burns and the game restarts.Ob the right side of the screen can be seen the champion.


Whats the purpose?

The game can be played on the web,IOS and Android platforms.The purpose is the snake to grow as big as you can to enter the top 10 list on the right side.You can follow your general position from there too.


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