How To Play The Slither.Io Game ?Slither.Io Tricks

How To Play The Slither.Io Game ?Slither.Io Tricks

The producer of the game Thorntree Studios presented a new game.The snake game that we are used from the 3310 Nokia mobile is now available on Android and Ios devices with the name of ,which is available to play on the web and is launched on 25 th of March.It is going to be the nominee for the most played games in Turkey.


The game became in the USA the most played game in both general application and gaming categories.The game is inspired by the legendary snake game on Nokia.

If you want to become faster you have to click on the left button of the mouse and hold on for a while.This way the players can accelerate their speeds and eat the furages faster.The purpose of the game is to grow the snake as much as you can and beating the other snakes like in the game.

What is skin?

It is possible to characterize the snake in the game.The player has to share the game results on Facebook or Twitter to do that.The game will offer you a ‘SlitherSkin’ mode that is a special snake skin transformation alternative.


The game is very simple and its structure addicts the gamers in a short period.It wont be wrong to say that the game is a mixture of the and old snake game.The general purpose of the game is to enter the top 10 list.

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