Play trendy game, a trend in io games, is a game based on the tower defense strategy. The purpose of is to defend your tower.

Creative Syndey de Veries, and is a new game from the creator Syndey de Veries. is a great kingdom defense game. In your aim is to defend your tower. You have diversified your defense and battle in your kingdom.

The first goal in the game is defending the tower. A single attack will not be destroyed while the opposing kites are infested. It does not like shrinking the towers. can start with a variety of challenges with a tactical game package. can be improved if some injustice is eliminated.
If the game starts, your opponent may become a strong opponent. Refresh at the beginning of the game.


You can shoot weapons and targets while protecting your kingdom with walls.
As you can articulate the military limit, you can also provide military and winter production.
A tactical and fun game. In our opinion is very lucky if you were born in a corner. Because defense here extends your life and you will with it generators and walls. If you are in the corner, only two people attack you.

bloble-io-playIo is on the rise between games has become quite trendy in recent days due to minor changes.
For now, is not a rival to io games like But it is a promising game for the future. The game has recently become a hit. We think that you are interested because it is a war game.
In other popular io games, we can not say that it resembles,, and
But other games like, and have similar parts.

No blocks yet in the

Since the game is new, it has not been blocked in schools yet. Developments related to frustration are on our site.
Also on our site you can find how to access from the games that are prevented.

To play the game over the web,


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