Pokemon GO Canada
Downloading the Pokemon Go app in Canada phones

Pokemon GO Canada

When will Pokémon GO launch in Canada

The Pokémon Go is one of the most newly launched games in the USA, Australia and Germany. However the Canadians are still to expect the release date of the Pokémon Go game. Stay tuned for more updates on the game and its launch in Canada.

The recent updates of Pokémon

Pokémon GO is taking the world by storm and it has already launched in the USA, Germany and the UK. The Pokemon GO Canada release date is yet to be finalized; however ,there have been rumors that The Pokémon GO would soon make its appearance in Europe Canada and South America. Japan, Canada and Brazil are eagerly waiting for the release of Pokémon Go App launch. While millions of Americans have already started playing the game, some countries are still left wondering that when the game would launch in this region. The game would be rolled out in 200 countries as recent reports say. Now if Canadians are planning to play the Pokémon GO, can they load the App in their phone? Yes of course.

Downloading the Pokémon Go app in Canada phones

If you are a person residing outside the USA or Germany, you can still get the Pokémon Go App in your phone. You simply need to use the US iTunes account. If you have a USA iTunes account, you can switch onto that account and download the Pokémon Go .Even if you have the Pokémon Go App it has to be available to be compatible in your country. Canada is a country where Pokémon Go will be compatible.

Pokemon GO Canada

Pokemon Go Guide
Pokemon Go Guide

The best way to download the Pokémon app in Canada

Pokemon GO can be downloaded in Canada in the following ways.

  • Launch the App store from the Home screen
  • Tap on Apple ID on the button
  • Tap on the sign out mode
  • Change the region in your iPhone
  • Launch setting on the home screen
  • Tap on general
  • Tap on the language, region and check of the United States.
  • Now create a new account in the US store.

Go to the Pokémon Go listing on the App store on your iPhone or iPad and tap the change store, tap get and tap install. Create a new apple ID and then finally download the Pokemon Go Canada. You can change your region back to the local country and back to the old iTunes account and you can return back the USA account.

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