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In Risen Games you can live forever?

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In Risen Games , the developers of Piranha Bytes send you on a fantasy action adventure on the island of Faranga. Only those who internalize the art of sword and staff fighting or train to become a powerful magician can survive on the volcanic island. As a shipwrecked person, you will learn about the sacred flames that protect the island from titans. The inquisitor sets about opening the mountain so that the flame can be used as a weapon. So that the adventure doesn’t end with the game over-screen for you, you will find an overview of the best Risen cheats here.

risen games

 God Mode Risen Cheats 

Risen cheats for items, skills and more The Risen cheats are entered in the console. Enter “minsky” in the running game (without quotation marks).

The opening of the TestMode is confirmed on the screen. Now enter “^” to open the console for entering the Risen Cheats. Enter a numerical value for “X”. If you only enter “teach” as a cheat in Risen, you can scroll through the various options with the tab key. When entering “give” you can see the various available items by tab. Risen Cheats: Gold and God Do you want more gold in Risen, enter the cheat “give It_Gold xxx”, whereby for “x” a numerical value for the desired gold has to be entered. The god mode is activated in Risen with the cheat code “god”.