Robinson Crusoe Island – Treasure Island

Robinson Crusoe Island is in the Juan Fernandez Team. The three Islands that variety the group lie inside the Pacific Ocean some four hundred miles off the Coastline of Chile and have been named after the Spanish seaman, explorer, who found out them. Juan Fernandez found the Islands in 1574 by chance when he strayed off beam while on is way from Peru to Valparaiso and being a realistic male, he named them as they lay, Mas Afuera Additional out Island, Mas a Tierra Nearer to land Island, along with the smallest, Islote de Santa Clara.

Mas a Tierra grew to become well known as the uninhabited Island where Alexander Selkirk was marooned by Captain Stradling and managed to outlive on his very own for 4 decades and 4 months, before being rescued because of the Woodes Rogers expedition. For the reason that Daniel Defoe employed Selkirk’s story as his inspiration when composing his well known novel Robinson Crusoe, the Chilean Authorities chose to formally alter the name of Mas a Tierra to Robinson Crusoe Island and also the nearby Island of Mas Afuera to Alexandro Selkirk Island.

According to legend just six decades just after Alexander Selkirk was rescued an enormous hoard of gold and jewels was buried around the Island. The treasure was stolen from your Inca’s during the Spanish conquest of Peru in the 16th and 17th centuries and in 1715 was loaded onboard a ship to be transferred to Spain during the Spanish wars of succession. However, the commander in the vessel Juan Esteban Ubilla y Echeverria decided to stash the treasure about the Island of Mas a Tierra, and return for it in a afterwards day. He hardly ever did return, obtaining sailed back again to Mexico he died together with his whole crew inside the shipwreck of your plate fleet within a hurricane inside the July of the exact same yr.

Someday prior to this transpired, Ubilla, dissatisfied with the approaching to power on the Bourbon Dynasty, experienced opened magic formula negotiations Using the English and as Component of a offer had offered them The situation on the treasure. What occurred to the data at that point is any individual’s guess, but ultimately, in 1761 it arrived in the arms of Admiral Lord George Anson. Not 1 to procrastinate, the Admiral promptly dispatched Captain Cornelius Webb while in the Unicorn to Get well the loot. Webb reached the Island in 1762, dug up the booty and right after loading it onboard established sail for household. Unfortunately the ship ran into a great storm and which has a mast split and ship destroyed, Webb returned to Mas a Tierra, reburied the treasure in a completely new locale and sailed to Valparaiso over the Chilean mainland to carry out repairs before likely back for that booty.

Together with the repairs comprehensive Webb acquired that crew had been intending to seize the Unicorn and also the treasure at the time they achieved Mas a Tierra and he chose to precise a terrible retribution for this proposed mutiny. Once they ended up far enough from land, he torched the ship and rowed himself back again to your mainland, leaving the crew to perish in the inferno. Back in Valparaiso Webb despatched off coded messages to his sponsor, unfortunately by the time they achieved England Lord Anson experienced already been useless for 5 months. At this stage each Captain Webb plus the messages he wrote disappeared from view.

Then astonishingly, one hundred and ninety several years afterwards the letters were being located in the north of England and together with a third observed in the vicinity of to Valparaiso, ended up from the arms of among the list of richest Guys in Chile, and also a lookup within the Island was instigated for that 800 barrels of gold, jewels and artefacts now valued a 10 billion bucks; the research was unsuccessful.

Nonetheless it wasn’t lengthy just before another treasure hunter arrived on the scene. Bernard Keiser an American businessman arrived within the Island soon after observing a programme on The tv with regards to the amazing treasure hidden over the Island. Then in 2020, soon after he had been attempting to find 7 yrs, a completely new crew arrived on the Island. They had been Wagner Technologies of Chile, who utilizing a robot named Arturito experienced inside of a short time period pinpointed The placement of your hoard fifteen metres underground. The media went wild, the Tale went world after which you can equally as immediately died when almost nothing happened. The full detail seems to are actually a stunt to achieve publicity for that robotic.

In the meantime Bernard Keiser was nevertheless challenging at do the job and by 2020 possessing spent above two million pounds on five independent searches, has uncovered almost nothing thus far, but he hasn’t given up however and who is aware? Maybe sooner or later he will hit the jackpot?


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