game All about The Game game All about The Game Game game do you look for a place online where you can play games and remember your childhood?? Well, then explore the worldof carefree and classic games at iogames; here you will get a whole load of different types of online games. Play with your friends or play it alone, you will enjoy every bit of it I am sure. One of them is game, which has its own unique way of keeping you hooked. Playing online games have become a huge addiction and when it’s free, what can be more enchanting than this.

Descriptions- game is part of the iogames world, which all about shooting and killing your enemies. At first, you have to customize a character for yourself, then starting from one corner of a big map and pick up your weapons and ammunitions accordingly. Keep killing your enemies to lead in the game. Use your machine guns and rocket to kill your enemies, and keep your position intact.

Slay one, unlike all game ,has garnered an equal amount of players since its inception. Slay one and all other io games list have been ranking very well all around the world. Though its graphics quality is a bit poor when played through laptop, you can still enjoy it because of its crazy antics.

How to play it-

  • Use “WASD” to move
  • Left mouse to shoot
  • Right mouse to dodge or jump
  • R to Reload
  • Q or E is used for picking up 2 active abilities and several passive ones
  • F is used to for aiming with a sniper weapon. Press and hold F to aim before shooting
  • Mouse wheel or 0-9 to switch weapons. Don’t forget to pick up the ammo before shooting
  • Enter to chat


  • It’s free and you just need to log in
  • Play with worldwide players and fight for the first rank
  • Adjustable sound, map size and screen control
  • Adjust graphics
  • Multiplayer game
  • You just need to give a name, customize your character and play the game

Keep the controls in your mind to play it smoothly. Adjust the graphics and play from your phone for a better quality. Game game All about The Game game All about The Game

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