1 Million Mark 1 million mark video playing 1 Million Mark

Making the 1 million mark in the easiest way

Players who have played slither io would definitely agree with the fact that making that 1 million mark is not as easy as it seems like. You need to be really cautious and really attentive so that you do not go and explode into other snakes and kill yourself. At the same time you need to be strategic, intelligent and aware of the other snakes around you.

Strategically making the 1 million mark

Beware of snakes- whether they are big or small. Making the slither io 1 million is really easy if you can stick to the rules of the game. You can also make the I million mark if you use the slither io cheat and hack codes. You need to give the game at least two hours or more to make your snake big and long very patiently.

Always stay away from enemies

Always stay away from  your opponents in order to keep alive and keep getting longer to make the 1 million mark. If you stay away from your enemies, the more you would win in the game. Try and encircle your enemies within your coil until they die and you eat up the remnants and grow in size. Your snake will  make the mark only if it is allowed to survive. 1 Million Mark

Make a circle so that nobody can come and kill you

Last but not the least. There are many videos that would show you how to make the 1 million mark in an easy way. When you are in the top ten lists of the longest snake in the play field, make a circle. The circle should be as big and round as possible so that nobody can come around and kill you. You can also use that circle to encircle your opponents so that they are killed in the process. online unblocked guide online unblocked guide

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