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How can you get a 100k mass

Amateur players who are not aware of the slither io game and might find it to be difficult need not worry. Slither io game is really easy with the help of a few techniques and it is easy to make a 100k mass

Making a a 100k mass

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is take out some time. A time of at least 2 hours is necessary to play the game to keep the snake alive and make 100k mass. Also, when you are in the top ten lists of the longest snake in the play field, make a circle. The circle should be as big and round as possible so that nobody can come around and kill you. The round ring helps to act as your shield so that nobody can come and get you.Wait for the points when someone dies and then eat them up to score more points and keep on getting bigger.

Always stay away from enemies

Always stay away from enemies in order to keep alive and keep getting longer to make the 100k mass. The more you stay away from your enemies, the more you would win in the game. Try and encircle your enemies within your coil until they die and you eat up the remnants and grow in size. 100k Mass Hack

Be static

Continue the game in this way and you are sure to make a target of a slitherio mass hack. It is not difficult. You just need good concentration power as well as good reflex action to win in the game and stay alive. Try out these techniques and you are sure that you would get. 100k mass very soon and win in the game by defeating others.

slitherio join friends to game
slitherio join friends to game


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