bot download bot download Bot Hack v0.8.3

Hello dear friends, with our plug-ins bot hack game completely, leaving your computer, you’ll enjoy a high points. bot hack plugin at the same time with our automatic direction finding and zoom hack you can use with the. Automatic skin together with the Visual change plugin you will be able to record videos đŸ˜‰

  • [T / Right Click] You can Toggle Bot on/off
  • [U] You can debug Bot
  • [Y] You can open green stroke foods, sensor seeing.
  • [I] Automatic Respawning
  • [O] Mobile Rendering
  • [P] Hunt prey (Moving food)
  • [D] Defence your self (do circle)
  • [Z] Reset Zoom
  • [X] Change Skin
  • [F] Switch Clustering Algorithm
  • [C] Collision Detection
  • [A / S] Keys for body avoidance collision radius
  • [E / R] Keys for head avoidance collision radius
  • [Q] Quit Menu
  • [ESC] Respawn
  • [W] Auto Skin Rotator
  • + Mouse Whell zoom in/zoom out
  • + X-Y Coordinates

* Install Tampermonkey

Google Chrome Opera Browser Safari Browser

STEP 2 Bot Hack Install

How to Bot Hack Install ?

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