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Hi friends, in this paper, we give you often sought out and wanting to use bot hack plugin this plugin allows will publish games will become more enjoyable and faster you will get score UR hack the best part of the add-in on your computer is a plug-ins come on what are you waiting for, download and play 😉


  • Automatic Bot Controls it selfs
  • More Clever Bot.
  • He eats foods and not die easily
  • [T] You can Toggle Bot on/off
  • [U] You can debug Bot
  • [Y] You can open green stroke foods, sensor seeing.
  • [I] Automatic Respawning
  • [O] Mobile Rendering
  • + Mouse Whell zoom in/zoom out

* Install Tampermonkey
Google Chrome

Opera Browser

Safari Browser

* Install JS addons Bot hack Bot Download



  1. I can’t play it.

  2. i love it hack

  3. I love this game

  4. i would like to now how to get bots

  5. how do i get bots on

  6. Hilluguy Hampton


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