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Hi game players, bot with plugin in this paper, we’ll talk about the new updates made to you. We’re building upon Tempermonkey and the bot just entering the game bot software continues to work in the game in the background bot plugin along with the new updates made on the artificial intelligence bot takes a more professional way points and helps you to gain a high score more. bot we are waiting for you the high score goals with good games 🙂

Key Result
T / Right Click Bot enabled/disabled
U Log debugging
Y Visual debugging
I Automatic Respawning
O Mobile rendering – Try this if you experience lag
P Hunt prey – Moving food
D Defense mode – bot turns around in a circle
C Enemy avoidance / Collision prevention
A / S Collision radius multiplier increase / decrease
Z Reset zoom
ESC Quick respawn
X Change skin
Q Quit to menu
Mouse wheel Zoom in/out bot download bot download

* Install Tampermonkey

Google Chrome

Opera Browser

Safari Browser

STEP 2 Bot Download

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