slither io controls game image
slither io controls game image

Slither io Controls of The Game

What are the different slither io controls of the game?

If you are a slither io addict then you might know that slither io controls are one of the easiest controls that anyone can learn in a jiffy! The snake can just be controlled with the mouse button as well as the left and right cursors and that’s all. Read on to know more about controls.

 How to control the snake in desktop and mobile

The slither io controls of the game are comparatively simpler than all other games. If you are playing on your browser, your snake would be controlled by the mouse and will move in the direction where you move the cursor. You can also control the snake using the left and right keys on the keyboard of the desktop. If you are playing slither io on mobile, press and hold in the direction that you would like to go to.

Speed boosting controls

If you are using speed boosting slither io controls, then simply click and hold and left or right mouse button, hold the up arrow key, or hold the space button in order to generate the speed that you desire. This would make your snake move at a faster pace; however, some of its length would be cut down. The loss of length is less significant while playing the game as long as your snake is faster and is eating up all other snakes. If you use the speed boost, it would be little harder to control the snake and you need to have really good and steady reflex actions.

slither io controls controls image controls image

The benefits of the controls

Your snake is easier to control with the help of slither io controls. Your mouse has to be really good and you need to have a better hold of the cursors as well especially when your snake is at speed. It is indeed better than any other games that need to be controlled with variety of keys at the same time that make the game confusing.

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