game is now on mobile devices game is now on mobile devices

From the producer’s of¬† came up another wonderful browser based game that we cant get up from.We can say that the circle left and the snake is replaced instead.The purpose of this game is like in to enlarge how much you can but the event in this game processes a bit differently.The bigger eats the smaller logic is out of order in this game because playing smart and developing a strategy doesnt affect anything if you are small.The game has been played by hundreds of thousands gamers until now.



How to play the

The game starts with a small worm and you move it on the points with the mause to give directions to the worm.You grow as much as you collect the points.The gamers have to pay attention to not crash to the other players.Cut the way of your opponents by providing to disappear them and incarcerate them in specific places.

While moving away from the snakes push on the left button on the mause so that the snake can move faster and use this as an advantage to force your opponents to make a mistake.If a player disappears ,the snake lets points in proportions as big as it was.If you collect this points the snake will continue to grow.

enlarging-snake (1) Modes and Hackings

The modes of game arent made still in Turkey but you can find from the foreign fan websites modes related to address.

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