slither io game play guide image
slither io game play guide image

Slither io Game Play

How can you play the slither io game?

Slither io is a game that resembles agar io where you need to eat up smaller cells in order to grow larger in size so that your opponents would not be able to eat you up. The slither io game is a very addictive game that is popularly being played by all online game lovers with the rules of the classic game snake that has been implemented in the modern version.

About the slither io game

Slither io game is a multiplayer game that is played by players all across the world. Play against other people and try becoming the largest snake amongst all by eating up the smaller snakes. If your head touches the other snakes, you would explode and then the game would be over and you would lose. In case other snakes run into you, they will immediately explode and you would ne able to eat them up and grow in size. You would win the game if you are the largest snake who is undefeated at the end of the game.

slither io game

How to play slither io

It is very easy to play a slither io game. The controls are user friendly and easy. You need to point your mouse in the right direction. There are bigger snakes as well whom you need to avoid. Grow larger in size by eating the smaller snakes. You can also use the temporary speed boost in order to be powerful as well as fast for a limited time.

Unlocking special skins

It is also easy to unlock special skins in this slither io game if you want your snake to look different. You can choose amongst a variety of skins by clicking on the social media button on the main screen of slither io and then reload the page once again. You would find an option where various skins would appear and you can choose between any one of them to enjoy playing slither io.

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