: How to get a skin? : How to get a skin?

This article will give you some information about the skins in the game which has more ambition than the game.As it is known,the reached to the most used game in the last 2 weeks and there a few alternatives for changing the colour in the game.


One of the ways to do this is to share the game on Facebook or Twitter account so that the player can use more skins.The gamers can come to a certain position in the game while spending enjoyable and annoying moments.To get different colours for the snakes and a red or white cap snake you have to share the game on social media accounts.If the player doesnt want to share the game on social media but still wants to use another skin then the gamers have to follow the stages below to get a different character in


How to get a skin?

The players can use more skins with process.If the player plays in a calm way instead of getting too much excited the player will grow up in a short period and will get to understand the logic of the game.Just play calm and try to carom the other players.Dont move fast everytime because the speed makes the snake smaller.If the player wants to carom the other player ,he has to turn around the opponent continuously to win the game.


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