The guide and some tricks

The guide and some tricks

Our mission in this article is to give some information and tactics about the which is known as the new in the world knows already the game and is a game that is very similar to the game and will be favored.Lets analyze the game and see if there are tricks?


What is

For starting the game,the gamers have to enter a nicknmame and after that they have to click on the ‘Play’ button.Every player starts with a standard 10 cells which are written down on the left side of the screen.Up on the left is the daily record point and the record player of the day,right up is the points table like in and a map right below.


How to play

The purpose of the game is like the old snake game in the 3310 models without touching to anyone to grow.

Players have to use the direction buttons to turn to the left or right side.There is no dividing situations like in but slithering faster is possible in this game.Clicking on the space button will make the snakes faster but by moving fast are the cells dropping down after awhile.Slithering like this for a long time will transform your snake to its beginning 10 cell height.

Slither to the left and right sides,stay away from every player and try to grow how much you can.

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