ioMods iomods new mods and hack Adds features to ‘’ and ‘’. Written By Mevin1. Iomods is brought to you by This extension modifies and, adding many cool features. Notable features are sound effects, background music, and skins. Another feature is a party system for Go to for more info.

Iomods was originally Agariomods, for agario, but to facilitate our release of Slitheriomods, for slitherio, and copyright issues, we decided to change our name to Iomods

You can disable the mod to play normally by clicking the “io” icon to the right of the address bar.

Download Mod


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  1. Super fun to play I play it every day

  2. manolis kostoglou

    I like this game buecase its fun.I am manolis kostoglou ilias and i like playing this game .There are very skins in this game but i going to and fifteen skins are hacks i am hacker and eat very snakes and i am 11 years old. good bye

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