Apk Mass Mode

This is the most potent hack of mass mode out there right now. It does not use in-browser scripts. This mass hack has many features built into it, such as:

Snake mass addition

Force scoreboard score ( You get added to the scoreboard )

Snake speed increase

Snake protection ( invincible)

Fps monitor (Our standalone found here)

* Install Tampermonkey
Google Chrome

Opera Browser

Safari Browser

This hack is how people reach the highest score displaying on the top left. It was leaked recently and here at have gotten our hands on it. There is no installation. It just runs on your computer and establishes a connection to This makes it so easy getting a mass of over 10 000.

This hack is sponsored by an ad, however there is no subscription or payment. All you need to do is click the ad. If there is no ad please unblock it in adBlock. Once you click the ad, simply enter your email address and you will receive it shortly from one of our bots. We do this to try regulate the amount of hackers out there.


  1. Mass Mode

  2. Mass Mode

  3. dobrá hra zahrajte pls¨

  4. Where is the ad?

  5. Mass Mode

  6. Mass Mode is best

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